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Update Festival

UPDATE is organized by an artist-run organization ASTE (https://aste.gallery) and Liepaja University based Art Research Lab (MPLab, https://liepu.lv)

In 2023, the UPDATE Festival will take place from November 21-25. This year’s festival theme is UPDATE. Automatic creativity. The festival’s focus will revolve around creative automation processes in art, bringing together artists and workshop leaders who will reflect on the highest levels of automation, including tools of artificial intelligence used in the creation of art and design, as well as maintaining a healthy routine and process efficiency in creative work. Additionally, there will be discussions about automation processes in art from a historical perspective. The workshop program is designed for on-site participants, and certain workshops and masterclasses will be available both on-site and online.

Sol Sarratea

Is a computational artist and programmer, with a focus on system design. By weaving different technologies builds digital environments that evolve in time. She enjoys building physical installations, web experiences and performing as a livecoder, coding GPU-programs in real-time to create visuals.

Her practice engages code, networks, and protocols as transformative elements in the intersection of arts and technology resonating in different socio-political landscapes.

For the last couple of years has been teaching introductory courses on making visual arts with GLSL programming.

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